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Mental training, mental health counseling, and consulting

Mental Training

Are you having difficulties consistently performing to your potential? Are you struggling to manage setbacks? Do you keep getting in your own way? Has your team culture recently taken a negative turn?

Elite performers and coaches everywhere are now turning to mental training and sport psychology services to find a performance edge. My goal is to help you perform at your best, on demand, when it matters most. As a licensed psychologist with expertise in sport and performance enhancement, I help athletes, coaches, performers, and individuals in high-stress environments deliberately train their minds through empirically validated interventions. These techniques and strategies may build focus, improve confidence, enhance practice habits, and identify strengths, areas for improvement, and potential obstacles to overcome adversity more effectively.

Additionally, effective leadership and coaching is immensely challenging process. I have spent my graduate training and early career helping Division I college coaches and athletes build fun, demanding, high performance cultures they love. My expertise in the development of high performance culture may help you take your team to new heights, and also identify what may be impacting your group from reaching their highest potential.

Whether you are a recreational athlete looking to find more enjoyment in your craft, an elite college/professional performer that wants to take your mental game to the next level, or a coach/leader that wants to build a high-performing culture, I would love to help you reach your goals.



Dr. Chad Doerr

Dr. Chad Doerr

I am a licensed psychologist in Nevada (#973). I am also a Certified Mental Performance Coach (CMPC) through the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP). I am located in Reno, NV
I specialize in sport and performance psychology. My work focuses on mental training, coach consulting, and mental health counseling for athletes and individuals in high-stress, high performance environments.

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Services Offerred
  • Individual Mental Health Counseling or Mental Skills Training

  • Get the support you deserve to build a high performance culture.

  • Learn mental skills in a group setting or culture building activities

  • I am available for public speaking at your workshop or event!

“AMAZING experience working with Dr. Doerr.  He had an incredibly positive impact on both our team and coaching staff.  Having been a college athlete and coach himself puts him in a unique position to understand the full depth of the competitive cycle for all parties.  Simply put, Dr. Doerr GETS IT!!!  He gets the importance for consistently practicing the mental skills; in order to achieve and perform at our highest potential consistently.  He is a great communicator, and cares deeply about connecting with the athletes and coaches.  The work he did with Nebraska Softball to Build and Sustain a Championship Culture was incredible and invaluable. 


If you want to take your game to the next level, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND seeking out Dr. Doerr’s expertise as a team, or an individual.” 


-Rhonda Revelle

      Nebraska Softball Head Coach

      NFCA Hall of Fame Member

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